Frequently Asked Questions

A spot for all the frequently asked questions and answers in one place! If you have a question that is not on here, don't hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to answer it!

Yes!! If you have a specific photo need, I would be happy to discuss it with you so we can figure out the perfect package for you! 

02 - Can i personalize a package?

Yes!! I LOVE to travel! I am based out of Rhode Island, but would love to go anywhere! There is a travel fee after 30 miles from my location. If you want to know how much it would cost, contact me and I would be happy to give you an estimate! 

01 - Do you travel?

I try not to to cancel due to the weather unless I absolutely need to. I would make the call and let you know as soon as I can.

03 - What happens if the weather is bad?

No worries! Sickness can't be controlled. If either you or I happened to be sick near or on the day of our scheduled session, we would reschedule!

04 - What Happens if i get sick?

It is not a problem if you wear glasses! I do recommend that you get the lenses taken out if possible. This will eliminate glare in the photos. I am unable to edit glare out of photos and it can be distracting. 

05 - Will it be a problem if i wear glasses?

Within a week, you will receive sneak peeks on social media. Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive your full online gallery and you will be able to order any prints you'd like!

06 - When will i receive my images?

Yes!! I am more than happy to edit out small blemishes (and other markings). I will automatically edit out small blemishes unless otherwise specified.

07 - Do you edit blemishes?